We Understand that certain shipments require more than just the normal shipment from A to B

We understand that certain shipments require more than just the standard shipping from A to B, which is why we offer our additional services, each with global reach & local knowledge to compliment your forwarding and wider supply chain needs.

Easy & Convenient

Petway Shipping Cargo Insurance provides protection against physical loss or damage of your goods during transportation.

Safe & Secure

Petway Shipping Security Services offers tailor-made security services and risk analysis for warehousing and transportation to ensure that assets are protected across the supply chain.

Special Services

  • Is it a formality or a necessity?

    Insurance offers cover against relatively extensive damage that occurs relatively rarely. But what about the carrier’s or forwarder’s legal liability? This white paper describes difference between the two and helps you to decide whether you should purchase insurance.

  • Incoterms and Liability.

    The Incoterms rules describe the rights and duties between the purchaser and vendor of the transportation and delivery services. The Incoterms clarify who pays for what. They also set out who is liable in the event of any damage or loss of goods in transit.

  • Cargo Insurance.

    As previously mentioned, carrier liability may only cover a certain dollar amount per pound of freight. When your freight has a higher value than what is covered by liability, cargo insurance may be very beneficial to you in order to better protect yourself from lost or damaged cargo.

Special Solutions

Another benefit of purchasing cargo insurance is that you do not need to prove the carrier was at fault for the lost or damaged items, only that the damage or loss actually occurred.

  • The freight claim must be filed within 9 months of delivery.
  • If the delivery receipt isn’t noted as damaged some carriers require immediate notification.
  • Proof of value and proof of loss must be provided.
  • The carrier has 30 days to acknowledge the claim and must respond within 120 days