Petway Shipping has built up several decades of experience in moving unusual or challenging cargo types such as heavy machinery, aerospace equipment or even entire buildings.

The bespoke nature of each individual project requires meticulous planning and precise implementation processes. With a tried and tested methodology underpinning all projects, each customer works with a dedicated project team who have the required industry knowledge and experience to ensure each project is delivered successfully and efficiently, on time and in budget.

Easy & Convenient

Project freight is always different and requires a tailored approach. Petway Shipping helps and assists its clients from the initial planning and budget phase to the eventual delivery and installation.

Safe & Secure

Project Freight Forwarding is the specific expertise of Petway Shipping. With more than 100 years of experience in shipping and heavy transport, we know how to do a job safely, efficiently and effectively.

Special Services

Special Solutions

As part of Petway Shipping, the project forwarding teams are able to leverage the full capabilities of our sister companies as well as our international network of dedicated partners to ensure fast, efficient and safe solutions are delivered, every time.[/vc_column_text]

  • They may need to support team members across different areas of the company during busy periods.
  • They will be responsible for coordinating logistics services and communicating with different logistics service providers.
  • A worker in the role of a Project Forwarder will also need to ensure their projects comply with HM Customs, shipping regulations, quality requirements and safety procedures.
  • A Project Forwarder needs to ensure their financial and administrative files comply with their company‚Äôs standards.